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  • Stem Cell Pump

    + Bio Electric

    Regeneration Stimulator

    Implantable, Programmable, Refillable

  • Stem Cell Pump

    + Bio Electric

    Regeneration Stimulator

    Implantable, Programmable, Refillable

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Bioelectric Controlled Protein Expression Patented and Patent Pending:
1.  SDF-1 (stem cell homing)
2.  IGF-1 (DNA repair)
3.  HGF.
4.  EGF.
5.  VEGF.
6.  PDGF.
7.  eNOS
8.  HIF 1 alpha
9.  IL-6
10.  Follistatin.
11.  Tropoelastin.
13.  OPG
14.  Activin A+B
15.  Stem cell proliferation.
16.  Stem cell differentiation control.
About to add GDF-10, GDF-11, Neurogenin 3, FGF.
Components of Mixed Regeneration Composiiton:
1.  Adipose derived or bone marrow derived stem cells (MSCs).
2.  Endothelial progenitor cells.
3.  Variety of selected growth factors cocktail (5+).
4.  Selected exosomes.
5.  Selected Micro RNAs.
6.  Selected alkaloids.
7.  Selected anti-inflammatory agents.
8.  Nutrient hydrogel
9.  Organ specific matrix.
10.  Amniotic fluid (240 growth factors).
11. Immature myoblasts for new muscle formation.

BioLeonhardt implantable, programmable, refillable stem cell/growth factor pump.  


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Communicating the BioLeonhardt vision…

BioLeonhardt follows what we learn from farmers.  Prepare soil before planting, plant seeds, irrigate + weed + fertilizer to maintain crop.


1.  Pre-Treat Scar. 

2.  Treat Scar. 

3.  Post implantation maintenance of scar.

All stages of delivery are made via our Stem Cell Pump implanted in the abdomen of the patient.  The doctor may re-fill the chamber of the pump by feeling the person’s stomach and finding the silicone septum that allows repeated needle punctures with no leaking.

Pre-Treat Scar

1.  Micro-RNAs (helps converts scar to muscle).
2.  Nutrient hydrogel


3.  Electrical stimulation via MyoStim Pacers of San Diego, California (produced at Core Manufacturing in Los Angeles).
4.  Growth factor infusion ie; VEGF, SDF-1, HGF
5.  Granulocyte colony stimulating factor.
6.  Endothelial progenitor cells derived from adipose tissue.

Treat Scar

1.  Bioheart MyoCell OR TAMAKI cardiac progenitor cells derived from skeletal muscle as developed in Japan – delivered in center of scar (note that is a different cell type with different markers than that used by Bioheart).
2.  Capricor cardiospheres developed at Cedars Sinai Los Angeles delivered at rim edge of scar.
3.  SDF-1 via Ono Pharmaceuticals in Japan.
4.  Nutrient hydrogel
5.  Electrical stimulation from MyoStim Pacers San Diego.
6.  Injection of iPS cells with MicroRNAs.
7.  Cardiobridge or Procyrion implantable pump to allow heart to rest during healing process.

implantableCardiomyocyte Formation by Skeletal Muscle-Derived Multi … ›

Post Treat Scar

1.  Repeat injections of all of the above.
2.  Continued electrical stimulation.
3.  Continued delivery of nutrient hydrogel and growth factors.


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